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Fundamentals of Project Management

28.3.2023 09:00 - 29.3.2023 16:00

To whom?

The training is especially meant for project managers (those who lead small or large projects or project-like entities) and those interested in project work or becoming a project manager. You will get the best benefit out of the training if you currently have a project starting or running that you can work on during training. The training is also suitable for individuals who wish to participate in IPMA D -certification.

Objectives and benefits

Training helps you manage projects in a planned and systematic way, keeping schedules, costs, and workloads in control. After completing the training, you will be able to identify the complexity level of the project and implement the necessary management methods. You will also be capable of performing the key tasks related to project planning and supervision. This training also provides a good base and preparation instructions for IPMA D -certification. More information and registration for certification: www.pry.fi


You will receive a comprehensive, hands-on basics of project management methods and practices. The training covers the phases of the project life cycle, from idea­ through planning to implementation and into closing. During the training, you will get practical tools and you will practice methods for managing your own project.


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28.3.2023 09:00


29.3.2023 16:00

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Prove your skills!

At the end of the training, you will receive a digital competence badge, which you can publish, for example, on your LinkedIn profile.

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Training price includes the Certified Project Practitioner certificate.

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